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336-236-9344 or 336-239-1944

Store Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am - 8pm


Closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday (leave a message)

On-site repairs

Build new computers

Update older systems

Install new software & hardware

Network inter-office computers

Web Page Design

Offer computer classes on-site on your own computer

About Us

Heat and liquid is not a computers friend

We order new:

This means when we build a new computer system, the parts haven’t been sitting in our store waiting to be built.  We order the parts for each system we build when a customer purchases a new computer, so it’s their computer not just something that’s been sitting on the shelf waiting to be purchased.

Rebuilt or Refurbished:

This means the product has been used before and we have replaced parts that weren’t working and reinstalled the operating system so it’s like it just came out the box with no previous information on it.  Depending on what was done to get the machine ready for sale determines price.  An example is, if we had to replace the screen, then it would be a higher price than just doing a clean install of the operating system.